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Michael “Dorkman” Scott is a writer, filmmaker, visual effects artist, and co-creator of the viral Ryan vs. Dorkman web video series.

Contact: DorkmanScott(at)

  1. Hi Micheal,

    My name is Danae Ringelmann and I am a founder of IndieGoGo.

    I noticed your recent funding campaign was not successful, and you received $0. I am not sure what your plan moving forward is, but I would like to offer IndieGoGo for your services. Of course a big difference is any money you raise will go to you; even if you don’t reach your goal. Obviously in this situation, we would have paid out the $8,705.

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    I can provide more information as needed. How would you like to proceed forward?



    * * * * *
    Company: IndieGoGo –
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  2. kevin permalink

    Just wanted to say that I love your stuff. Found your original RVD video a while ago, and just today learned that there was a sequel! Oddly enough, I found out about it watching ‘Sci Fi Science’ on the Science channel. They were using clips of RVD2 in an episode about making a real lightsabre. Immediately found it online and watched it! AWESOME. Needless to say I then found your blog and apparently have a lot of reading to catch up on! Keep up the awesome work and hope to see more posts that include your picture cause your hot as hell! 😉


  3. I just read your 2010 critique of Save the Cat, and I have to say BRA-VO. (Except for the addendum where you cave to pressure and backpedal on half of your platform. What’s up with that?) Blake Synder is the story of a village idiot who somehow got crowned king. If I has my way, I’d have every copy of Cat taken off the shelves. Earlier this year I wrote an article of my own lashing the title from a different angle if you would like to check it out.

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