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A dubious cameo

July 19, 2019

I was watching a recent video about YouTube’s resident smugly ignorant, incorrigibly dishonest little whinge, VenomFangX. Dubbed the “Posterchild for Creationist Stupidity,” or PCS, by YouTube user Thunderf00t (whose series “Why do people laugh at creationists?” focuses on pointing out the sheer idiocy of claims made by PCS, as well as bigger fish in the creationist swamp such as Ken Ham and Kent Hovind), PCS has started running a clever money-making ploy while simultaneously pretending to care about sick children. 

Apparently, calling PCS on his bullshit has gotten user dprjones suspended from YouTube — because the dogmatist solution to disagreement is to silence it. But the freethought community of YouTube looks out for their own, and the video is now mirrored across multiple accounts. 

I don’t watch PCS’ channel, as I’m allergic to stupid; and when I’ve tried, I don’t read the comments because PCS institutes draconian moderation so that only those who agree most vehemently with him can post; no criticism at all (see previous paragraph).

Another user, VenomFongX, used to mirror PCS’ videos and leave the comments open to everyone — but that account, too, has been suspended (see two previous paragraphs). 

PCS has been debunked and/or smacked-down multiple times by multiple users. His own attempts to silence other channels led to the filing of a fraudulent DMCA claim against Thunderf00t which opened him up to federal charges of perjury and civil action, and only when PCS agreed to read a written statement apologizing to the internet were the charges dropped. 

I’d say I’m in the wrong business, but you know, I too hope to someday make money by telling people fantasy stories. The difference, of course, is that I acknowledge that they are fantasy, and don’t make empty threats toward those who don’t believe them.

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One Comment
  1. Lisandro permalink

    Hi Michael,

    Nice surprise to see you active in your blog. It’s an infuse of intelligent thought to my inbox.
    The video referenced doesn’t play no more.
    Can you explain what or who was in it?

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