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Dear J.J. Abrams…

January 26, 2013

Last week I wrote a somewhat tongue-in-cheek “open letter” to the as-yet-unannounced director of Episode 7. It was more to get my concerns off my chest than an expectation said director would ever see it. But with the official announcement that J.J. Abrams has stepped up to the plate to kickstart this new generation of Star Wars films, it suddenly becomes much more plausible that we could reach out to him. I know he’s a fan like us, that he’s savvy about the online film community and the people in it, and shown a capacity for recognizing talented individuals in the community — like Andrew Kramer and Wes Ball — and a willingness to reach out to them and let them play with him.

And so I write to J.J. Abrams without my tongue in my cheek, but with all hope and sincerity: Mr. Abrams, my friends and I would very much like to play.

Over the last ten years, I and some of my close friends have made a number of lightsaber fight scenes which have made the rounds and gained some popularity. Being a fan and someone with his finger on the pulse of online fandom, it’s entirely possible you’ve seen one or more of them, but I’d rather err on the side of assuming you haven’t, and link them for you here:

For all I know there’s not a single lightsaber to be found, much less any lightsaber fighting, in the story of Episode 7. But if there is lightsaber fighting, it would mean the world to us to have the opportunity to be involved.

I know that as the man at the helm of Star Wars you’ll have your pick of stunt coordinators and fight choreographers, and we’re not the only ones clamoring for your attention and begging to work on the new film. I also know, from watching behind-the-scenes featurettes and listening to you talk, that you still understand what it is to love and have passion for what you do, and that you know how much it means to a young filmmaker to have that same passion recognized. You could find others to choreograph your fights, but you won’t find anyone with more love for it than we bring. To be involved at all would be beyond an honor — it would be life-changing. And if you put your faith in us, I promise we’ll make you — and the fan community — proud.

I most sincerely hope this finds its way to you, Mr. Abrams, and that you seriously consider letting us be even a small part of this new adventure.

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  1. I was just talking to Kanen Flowers on an upcoming ep of That Post Show about how 1) You need to be on the 100th episode of That Post Show since you were his first guest, but 2) How you were an internet hero (at least to me and my friends in our teenage years) for your series of lightsaber videos. As a filmmaker and SW fan myself, I really hope JJ reaches out to you!

  2. Best of luck. You guys are part of the reason I got into VFX in the first place (8 years went by fast O_o). I hope they let you get a chance to work on them.

  3. Dude, wake up. Writing an open letter to J.J. is just pathetic. Forget Star Wars, you know how many people in the world would like a shot at just making a movie, let alone something as huge as Star Wars.

    If you really want to be part of the world of moviemaking, go out and make your own independent films. Create your own worlds and characters, and then, just maybe then, producers like Kathleen Kennedy and directors like J.J. will take you more seriously.

    • Andrew permalink

      Ed: there’s links to four of his independently-produced films in this very post. Directors like Je Carnahan already tweet about these guys and take them plenty seriously. And it’s 2013; open letters on the Internet have a proven track record. So cool it.

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