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Happy 2012!

January 4, 2012

I’m a few days late with this, but I hope you all wrapped up 2011 with a safe-ish bang and have hit the ground running in 2012. I’ve said before, I don’t generally make resolutions, but for some reason I’m coming into this year unusually full of the proverbial piss and vinegar to make 2012 a great and productive year.

Maybe because this could be the last year before the world is destroyed by a rogue planet or whatever Americans think the Mayans believed but didn’t at all. Or maybe because I’m closer to 30 than I am to 20 and I’m having a pre-mid-life crisis. Whatever the reason, I’m focused.

Along with adjustments to my personal and professional goals, I’m going to make it my goal to post to the blog as often as possible this year — daily, if I can maintain the discipline. I’ve tried the quality over quantity thing and neither wound up happening. So I’m going to do the quantity thing and you can let me know if the quality becomes too abysmal. New year, new strategy.

And I know, I know: I’ve said this before too. Many times. But This Time, I Mean It™.

Because really, I don’t have excuses for not posting. I tweet constantly, I participate in discussions on forums and email — I write a lot on any given day, I have no good reason I can’t put some of it here. And I wrote many of the posts from the second half of 2011 (few as they were) on my iPad, on the go. So I know that works. No more excuses.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (probably all of you reading this, at least at the time of writing) will probably be seeing some overlap in what I tweet about and what I blog about. To date I’ve avoided blogging about anything I’ve tweeted, but I’m coming to realize that might be silly. For one thing, it leaves me with very little to blog about and therefore very little blogging done. Not only can I express my opinion at more length here than on Twitter, but a lot of the stuff I tweet is stuff I find interesting and would prefer to be able to find again without scouring my extensive Twitter feed. So, moving forward, I’ll be using the blog on a fairly regular basis to give interesting stuff a permanent home.

The My Week in Movies posts were pretty successful and well-received — by a mostly silent readership, but the posts announced on Twitter always saw a solid spike in site visits — and they also compelled me to see more movies when I got the chance, to have something to write about. I still need to write a post to wrap up the end of 2011, which I’ll be putting up in the next few days.

Moving into 2012, I’m not only subscribed to Netflix streaming and Blockbuster for disc-by-mail — Netflix lost my money on that service after their misguided Quixter announcement, and failed to regain my confidence by withdrawing it — but being fortunate enough to live in Los Angeles I’m also in a beta market for MoviePass — something rather like Netflix for films still in (participating) theaters. So I expect to see even more films this year than last. Fans of the MWIM posts, stay tuned.

I’ve read a lot of books in the last year for which I should have written reviews as I went, but didn’t. So I’ve got a My Year in Books series of posts coming next week to cover them. Throughout 2012 I intend to post reviews as I go, rather than in bulk.

I also plan to once more revive Skeptical Sunday posts. To keep them on a regular schedule, I’ll be sharing and highlighting videos or news stories from the skeptical, scientific, and/or atheist community on the occasions I can’t write a substantial post of my own.

I’m also — Flying Spaghetti Monster help me — planning to return to my essays on The Case for a Creator, which I left off dissecting almost three years ago. Creationism seems to have gone on the wane in those three years, certainly in terms of its political power, but I said I’d do the whole book and by golly I intend to.

2012 is also, of course, an election year here in ’Murrica, so expect some politics, and expect it to reach something of a fever pitch in the autumn. I apologize in advance to non-American readers who couldn’t give a tin shit about our country’s politics.

So, anyway. Noses to grindstones, boots to asses, whatever your idiom of choice. Let’s do this 2012 thing.

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  1. TheMargarineMan permalink

    Looking forward to everything.

  2. Ratul permalink

    Hi Dorkman,
    I’m an avid listener of DIF and I love the show, especially your views. I’m looking forward to your regular updates on the blog.

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