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Lendle Me (or Anyone Else)!

August 10, 2011

As longtime blog readers will know, I bought a Kindle way back in February of 2009. Amazon has released several new versions of the device since then, and lowered their pricing significantly, but I’m still using the one I bought back then and it’s going strong. After a brief affair with the iPad’s Kindle app, I returned to my Kindle for long-form reading. The iPad is perfect for videos, and its form factor appropriate for scripts, but the backlit screen did indeed make it uncomfortable to read for extended periods of time, and difficult-to-impossible to do so in brightly-lit environments.

As the Kindle has gained traction (aided significantly, I think, by the aforementioned price reductions) and simultaneously made ebooks viable and become a de facto standard of the format, Kindle-related services have cropped up, my favorite being the recently-established networking site Lendle.

The way Lendle works is that you sign up for an account and then start searching for books you own in Kindle format. They have to be books you purchased through the Kindle store, connected to your Amazon account. As you add books to your account, you gain credits that allow you to make borrow requests of other users for their books, and they can request yours from you. If you become a Patron (1-time fee of $25), you get a number of perks that I think are quite worth it.

You need to have books in your account and fulfill lend requests in order to continue making requests yourself, which encourages ebook purchasing all around. They also pay you for lends completed — I haven’t gotten any money yet, but it’s saving me quite a bit of money, so meh.

If you have a Kindle or device on which you read Kindle books, I highly recommend hooking up with Lendle. I read the Hunger Games books via Lendle loans and I’m going to do the same for the Percy Jackson series in the near future. If it’s lendable (as determined by the publisher), it’s Lendle-able.

They’re trying to create some kind of social network aspect — you can “follow” other users and whatnot — but I see little use for that. Still, if you want to join and you feel like you need to stand beside a familiar face in this brave new world, you can find me here.

Oh, and there’s just a ton of smut on there, too. Just page after page of cheap bodice-rippers.

Not that I’d… I mean… ahem.

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  1. Kecin permalink

    When is Dorkman’s Blog gonna be available on the Kindle?! I absolutely love mine and think it’s probably the best electronic investment I’ve made in recent years. Was dissappointed that your blog wasn’t available though!

    • dorkmanscott permalink

      That idea never occurred to me. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks!

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