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I worked on PIRANHA 3D

August 18, 2010

Remember how I said that I was “drowning” in work and that was a pun and you didn’t know why but I’d tell you?

Yeah. I worked on a movie that involves water and drowning, and a lot of mean little CG fish.

Get it?

Anyway, I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t go see PIRANHA this weekend. What I will say is that this film actually took its time with the conversion. Whereas most films get finished and then go “We can charge how much for 3D tickets?!” and turn around a shit-tastic “3D” version in six weeks (I’m looking at you, everything), they knew from the word go that PIRANHA was going to do a conversion and they gave it the time you need to do it right. Nine months, on this one. I was there for seven.

I am very proud of the quality of the conversion that was done on this film. I think it is genuinely the best, cleanest 3D conversion to date. The quality of the film we did the conversion on is…not Shakespeare. Let’s leave it at that.

Like I said, I’m not promoting the flick per se. Don’t make plans to see it just on my account. But, if you were already going to see it, I think this one might be worth the 3D tax. It’s big and silly and gimmicky — quite honestly, a movie like PIRANHA is what this 3D thing is really good for. And you might spot my name in the credits!

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  1. kevin permalink

    I screened the movie in 3D last night at work, AWESOME GORE FEST! For the straight boys, plenty of gratuitous 3D Boobies. I will agree that 3D was some of the best ‘not shot for 3D’, but then again I really think that horror is a genre made for 3D! I will say, that without going for alot of the traditional 3D gimmicks (poking things at the screen, etc.) it worked really well. A Fun, balls out (or should I say boobs out), gory, check your brain at the door good time! I was impressed by a few very creative death scenes as well! GREAT WORK!

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