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The Most Popular Bridge on the Internet

June 11, 2010

I don’t check my blog stats very often, but when I do I see a consistent pattern. By far, the most-viewed post on the blog is this one, about the ID-iotic argument for “common design,” discussed by way of the relatively well-documented evolutionary pathway of whales.

And why is that the most-viewed post on my blog? Because I mention, in passing, the George Washington Bridge, and include a picture of it. The number one search that leads to my blog, by far, is “George Washington Bridge.”

Naturally, I’m being a little facetious with the title of this post. It’s not like I’m getting massive traffic from it. We’re talking an average of 20 hits a day. Still, that’s 20 hits a day looking up this bridge and winding up here.

Since I’ve now mentioned it by name and re-posted the picture, I assume that future searches will also lead to this post. So, Googlers of the future, just for my own curiosity: why are you googling the George Washington Bridge?

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  1. OK. Watson. Lets try answering this one.
    I Googled “George Washington Bridge” and could not arrive to your blog on a quick search. So I figured that there is another word in your blog that should be added to “George Washington Bridge” to find the blog.
    Then I noticed the middle picture at the bottom:
    It belongs to this blog on wordpress:
    Notice the name “The gay recluse”
    Now the author has moved to a new blog, so my guess is that people find you when they google: “George Washington Bridge GAY”
    Lets try:
    Yes !! There you are The first image on google search for “George Washington Bridge GAY”.
    But I could be wrong…

    • He’s also the first Google Image search for JUST “george washington bridge” No gay needed.

      …and it’s the one in the ID post, not this one

      • You are correct “MasterDarksol”. And I noticed the same thing after hitting “submit” but had to run out of the door and could not come back until now to rectify.(And in my last sentence I was having second thoughts about my deluded theory).
        I unintentionally cherry picked facts to conform to my preconceived idea that there should be some kind of direct link between the search and this blog.
        Why my interest in this innocent topic?, well as a business owner is always interesting to know what people look for and how the internet traffic goes.
        If I may take a second look, you will notice that googling any of the other bridges (Brooklyn bridge or Golden Gate bridge)leads us to another two blogs in Word Press. I would bet that those two bridges have an equal amount of hits or more that lead to those two blogs as well, as to conclude there might be nothing terribly special about the “George Washington bridge” in itself.
        You may get any kind of answers from googlers as to why they took an interest in the bridge, like: checking for traffic, school projects, tourists site, local news, looking for a convenient suicide place (? well wikipedia says so), etc.
        But those are inquiries that can pertain to any bridge whatsoever.

        And as a computer enthusiast the more interesting question to get an answer for would be: why is Michael’s blog the first ranked result for the google search on this bridge?
        If I was selling “George Washington Bridge” souvenirs I surely would love to know.

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