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Descendants update…

June 9, 2010

If you read the blog earlier today, I posted an update on the status of the DESCENDANTS project.

The short version, as I said in that post, is that the version of the project I worked on for two years is dead. I then continued in that post with my perspective and experience of how the project fell apart. It was a bit of frustration venting, of course.

And it was up for a bit, and then I got a message from our guy over at Dark Horse. And now the post is down.

I wasn’t asked to take it down. In fact, when I spoke with him on the phone I offered to take it down and he said it wasn’t necessary. He, in fact, wanted to apologize for the way the project had panned out and that he was still hoping we could do something together. So while I don’t think I said anything libelous in the post, and made sure not to name names even with that in mind, I feel it would be ingracious of me to leave any dirty laundry out there after our conversation. I don’t like how this project turned out, but I liked working with them when it was going well, and that’s not a bridge I want to burn.

Getting a movie going is a bit like catching lightning in a bottle, really. All the right elements have to come together, and in this case they just didn’t. Some of that was within our control and judgement errors were made (on my part as much as anyone else’s, if not more), some was outside our control. But the upshot is that DESCENDANTS isn’t going to happen, at least not the version with which I was involved.

I also probably won’t post the scripts after all, at least not before discussing it with Joey. That’s also not a bridge I’m out to burn. So I’ll just have to find something else to post about.

Meanwhile, it’s full steam ahead on KUNG FU RED. In fact I think I’ll post about that one next…

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