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Happy Everyone Draw Mohammed Day — First Annual!

May 20, 2010

My Skeptical Sunday posts (which I will get back to, promise) occasionally got comments like “Why are you only picking on Christianity?” This one’s for you guys.

Okay, so short version. South Park was going to air an episode with a depiction of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, in a bear suit. Even though they’d depicted Mohammed back in 2001 in the episode “Super Best Friends,” after a bunch of radical Muslims got butthurt and rioted over Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed, everyone’s been gun-shy of depicting Mohammed and getting death threats from said radical Muslims.

Which is exactly what happened when it was announced that South Park would be depicting Mohammed again in this episode — a terrorist organization sent them a death threat. And while Matt and Trey apparently didn’t blink, Comedy Central did and the episode was altered.

You see, in Islam it is forbidden to make a depiction of Mohammed, which is all well and good for Muslims. The problem is, they want the rest of us to have to follow the rules of their religion. Which only makes sense — they believe their religion should rule over everything and everyone. And they use threats and intimidation to try to limit free speech and force a de facto conformity to Sharia law by ranting and raving and making a bigass stink any time someone does something that they aren’t allowed, by their religion, to do.

YouTube user Thunderf00t — a long-time champion of free speech — explains it pretty well.

There are other blogs that are collecting cartoon depictions of Mohammed today. One is Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor. Another, the aptly-named Everyone Draw Mohammed.

Me? I can’t draw, and stick figure Mohammeds are everywhere. So I made a loldog.

It’s not just offense for the sake of being offensive. It’s an important reminder that just because something offends you, doesn’t mean you have the right to censor or silence it. And you are especially not entitled to attempt to silence the free speech of others while enjoying the benefits of such speech yourself. Not in a free society. Not in the 21st century. And not on our watch.

Celebrate your free speech, today and every day!

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