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IRON SKY — oh, hell yes.

May 17, 2010

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve already seen this, but I want to save it here for prosperity (and also give a go, once again, at making more regular posts…).

About two years ago, a group of independent filmmakers put out a pitch trailer for a film they were working on called IRON SKY. I could summarize it for you, but the pitch trailer tells you pretty much everything you need to know:

Now, I thought this was fucking awesome. What a brilliant piece of pulp sci-fi. Space Nazis? Sign me the fuck up.

I was a little concerned, based on the fact that they bill it as a “sci-fi comedy” and they ended the pitch with a bit of lowbrow poop humor, but I reserved judgement until I could see more.

I’m glad I did. They’ve now put together what is still essentially a pitch trailer, but this one contains actual footage that will ultimately be in the film, and…well. There are no words.

That last shot seriously takes my breath away every time, and the music gives me chills.

After they released the original trailer, I actually contacted the team and offered to help them out with the VFX work. They were willing to bring me on board, too, but the catch was I’d have to relocate to Finland for the gig.

I’ve got work going on right now and a feature to be shooting, but if they’re still working on this around the end of the year, and things have slowed down for me then, I honestly might consider it. I love what I’m seeing and whether or not I can lend a hand personally, I wish them every success. I want to see this movie!

  1. Happy to hear you’re still willing to consider Finland 🙂

    Looks like we’ll be in post production trough next year until the release of the film. So do keep in touch.

    -Jarmo from Iron Sky

  2. How can this be anything but sci-fi comedy?. As you well pointed out in Twitter if it goes in the direction of dark comedy of “Dr Strangelove” it has a great chance of success.
    Because if you try to make a “serious tone drama” movie with this plot you will eventually run into the absurd anyways (which is exactly the dilemma Kubrick was left to face when doing “Dr Strangelove).
    Not only that but you could run into some serious “Nazis” apologetics if you try it as a “serious” film. Nazis were visually captivating, and indeed they were the fathers of modern propaganda and all that in a “serious” attempt could be seen as not very politically correct.
    Anyways the trailers are superb.
    I wish they keep a lot of action in it ,(like Indiana Jones with nazis, action and jokes).
    Please let it be a huge success ,so independent ideas keep coming.
    Because believe me, I wish one of this masterful ideas hit me in my sleep.
    Count me in. Will surely buy “war bonds” !!

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