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Fuck this commercial (2)

April 7, 2010

Hey guys. Busy with stuff. Hope to post more, even if briefly now and then, but follow my Twitter if you want to keep up with me more regularly and reliably.

Anyway, just needed to get the one off my chest. This may be a running thing on the blog, talking about commercials I see over and over and grow to hate more and more.

This time, it’s McDonald’s “Don’t Talk to Me” spot:

This guy doesn’t need coffee, he needs a hard punch to the dickhole. If he’s that much of a shit about “his coffee” in the morning then why doesn’t he buy a fucking coffeemaker, so the rest of the world doesn’t have to deal with his entitled Gen-Y whinging just because he was out partying last night and now he has to get to his dead-end unmotivated office drone job and he’s tiiiiiiired.

Also, the fact that everyone around him — particularly his roommate — seems surprised by his behavior, would seem to indicate that this is not an established part of the daily routine, but rather a new affectation that he’s suddenly acquired to make sure everyone knows that life is, like, so hard, you guys!

Worst of all is the part where he’s in McDonald’s and basically tells the girl at the counter not to serve him because he hasn’t had his coffee. He is then surprised to discover that they have coffee at McDonald’s.

Excuse me. If you didn’t know McDonald’s now sells coffee[1], and you didn’t want to talk to anyone, including the people at the counter, then why in the blue fuck did you wander into a McDonald’s and wait your turn in line? Just to tell the girl how tired you are and impress her with thoughts of how hard you work?

You think you’re better than her? Fuck you, you ride the bus to work. Save the money on coffee and buy a bottle of shampoo, you unkempt cockbag.

  1. Which they don’t, BTW. They sell a carbonized, tar-like ichor which neither light nor Splenda can penetrate. And they’ve sold it for well over a decade, too. It’s the reason we have those labels on coffee cups everywhere that say “Your Hot Coffee Is Hot, Moron.

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  1. Oh Oh, someone I know did not have his caffeine fix today 🙂

    But seriously this ad is really annoying and not to mention that in a certain level also insults MCcostumers by portraying them as almost idiotic.

  2. Ray Duran permalink

    I love waking up to your rants sometimes. =)

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