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Skeptical Sunday: Putting Faith in its Place

September 19, 2009

YouTube user QualiaSoup has produced a number of fantastic videos, which clearly explain — with entertaining visual aids — the scientific method and the skeptical perspective. I’ve previously posted his treatise on the concept of open-mindedness.

He’s been away, but he returned this week with a fantastic video titled “Putting Faith in its Place.” It actually answers a number of questions that come up on this blog about the subject, from the proper application of faith to “why do you need to prove God doesn’t exist?” It also addresses an overall issue with Case for a Creator.

I highly recommend taking the time to watch all his videos. They are well-thought-out, easy to follow, and will clarify a lot of questions you may have about reality-based worldviews.


One Comment
  1. I love the quality of the video and the animations are very entertaining and thought provoking.
    But in the spirit of skeptical Sunday I have to advance some objections (that may or may not be correct, hence this comment).Not trying to stir the pot.
    Is not all clear the analogy between a hidden cube and an “inaccessible realm of existence” since the property of both may not be the same.
    By saying that the cube can not contain certain “impossible” objects then he is implying we know the “rules” and “laws” and “logic” governing that cube(which is what creates the asymmetry). And I do not know if the same statement can be applied so swiftly to an “inaccessible realm of existence”.
    What if the computer tells you that the cube contains a cat with a device that releases poison if a certain quantum effect happens, so now you know for sure (thanks to our quantum theory) that the cube contains a cat that is both dead and alive (Schrodinger’s cat). Is that logical?
    I am questioning the binary nature of the logic applied, either 0 or 1, true or false..etc.
    What if in that “inaccessible realm of existence” instead of a being someone were to propose that there exist highly energetic strings that vibrate in 11 dimensional hyperspace and were responsible for everything including gravity and “dark matter” . Can we dismiss all that (Known as string theory) because that someone is arguing for the “impossible or the “unknowable”?
    Also the issue of omnipotency has to do with the term itself not with a God specifically.
    If we require the word omnipotent to include all contradictory statements like “can an omnipotent entity make a round square” we end up dismissing it as “impossible”.
    Omnipotent should mean that if there IS a possibility of something occurring then that entity CAN make it happen because is more powerful than anyone or anything else.
    Can anything create an universe without evil and only good?. Well, can we define up without down? Or plus without minus?. I do not know..
    Now ,I have an issue with religious folks that if something good happens to them is a blessing of God and if bad then is a trial that will be rewarded by God. Always win , win ; unless you do not believe (WTF?).
    I like QualiaSoup rebuttal of hard line religious ignoramus.
    But QualiaSoup also puts us between a rock and a hard place : Propose a God (which is supposed to be unexplainable, by definition) and then explain it with earthbound evidence.(?) But if we do succeed then is going to be a perfectly natural an explainable being and nothing devine about it.(Or is he only highlighting the paradox and I am misreading?)
    The world view of Newton is incorrect, therefore he is no longer useful? Is that the same inference about religion in general?
    But even if we find an spontaneous reason for the universe to start its existence ,is hard to shake off the sense that is rather miraculous that something exists instead of nothing at all.
    “There are two ways to look at things: nothing is a miracle or everything is.”- Albert Einstein.

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