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Harry Potter and the God Who Wasn’t There

July 5, 2009

Of course it would be the very day I say I’m not going to be focusing exclusively on atheism that an amusing atheism-related news item should come up on my radar. 

I like to compare the Bible to Harry Potter, particularly by demonstrating that the arguments Christians like to use for the validity of their book apply across the board to “proving” the validity of Harry Potter with equal success. So it’s fitting to hear that Daniel Radcliffe, Mr. Potter himself, has in a recent interview with Esquire declared that he is an atheist

I’m an atheist, but I’m very relaxed about it. I don’t preach my atheism, but I have a huge amount of respect for people like Richard Dawkins who do. Anything he does on television, I will watch.

I’m not the first nor the last to point out that this, of course, will likely only add fuel to conservative Christianity’s “Harry Potter is da debbil!” hue and cry. The books got kids reading; perhaps this will help get them thinking. 

(via Pharyngula)

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  1. I really don’t see the correlation between Potter and religion. All the people I know don’t see it, either. While they are all believers (as Atheists often call their kind), all the people I know are “very relaxed about it”. I think that a vocal minority of extremists are all up-ons on this or that being “da debbil”.

    I have to wonder if the same goes for Atheists. This kind of talk just paints Conservatives, Christians and Atheists in broad strokes of malcontent. Maybe Conservatives are like that where Liberals live en masse (in broad strokes), but Conservatives are the extreme minority there. Here where Conservative Christians are the majority, the ones I know don’t act like that.

    I won’t say Christians don’t live there since a certain Liberal demographic pushed the vote for Prop. 8 over the line and supposedly because of Christianity according to the news out there. Someone might guess that Liberal Christians are more up-ons about it all over there than Conservative Christians out here.

    It should not be a reason to jump up and down and point at the person while doing some kind of victory dance just because someone, no matter who, claims to be an Atheist.

    • dorkmanscott permalink

      You seem to be rambling. It would be great if you could clarify your point.

    • emptyscarecrow permalink

      I’m rather skeptical when people suggest that they are religious, but ‘relaxed about it’. At the end of the day, its still a question of whether, when push comes to shove, you’re willing to do something completely imbecilic to please someone who isn’t there. Throw in a polarizing crisis (you’re either WITH US OR YOU’RE AGAINST US!!!!), and liberal (or conservative) Christians are really no more sensible than Islamic fundamentalists.

      “When the chips are down, these ‘civilized’ people will EAT each other.”

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