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Well that was fast: Kindle DX

May 6, 2009

I’m really surprised this upgrade was announced so quickly. Amazon just announced an even newer generation of Kindle, the Kindle DX. Take that, Moore’s Law!

Salient features: bigger screen, more storage capacity, and native PDF support. 

Still waiting on: color, stylus support for annotations and note-writing. 

I love my Kindle, as I’ve expressed here before. I’ve actually wanted to read a couple of books lately that didn’t have Kindle editions, and I found myself annoyed with the cumbersome bound-paper versions. They just won’t lay flat, I’ve always gotta keep one hand on them if I want to read while I’m at lunch or whatever. When I’ve gotten to go back to my Kindle it’s been a relief. 

I’m highly tempted to get a Kindle DX, because native PDF support would positively rule the school. I want to be able to read screenplays on my Kindle — that’s a serious value add — and I’ve also got a number of eBooks in PDF format that I’d love to not have to go through the rigamarole of converting. The few I’ve tried, the formatting has ported over less than successfully. 

But I think I’ll wait. Kindle DX is in pre-order now, I’ll wait and see how long it takes to get into “in stock,” evaluate my situation then and enjoy my Kindle 2 in the meantime. I might even wait a few months after that, just to see if they go and pull another fast one.

If I do upgrade, I’ll probably sell my Kindle 2, so if you maybe want to pick up a used (but well-maintained) Kindle, keep your eyes on this space come summer.

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  1. Auto-rotation feature is meh.

    Screen larger is kinda neat… but the device itself is larger as well. I kinda liked how compact the Kindle 2 is…

  2. Partner noted that many of the references to Kindle 2 no longer have the 2.

    He was annoyed that he feels he just got his (3 months ago?) and they released a bigger one. I have been eying his, but the screen size put me off because I want tech manuals (which are not unlike school textbooks, which is supposedly the target of the DX). I will be able to easily take those huge clunky books outside or into the cramped server room if necessary rather than running back and forth.

    And of course, the demon books love to change pages on me. Hopefully, the DX won’t. I will probably snag one after coming back from DC this month.

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