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Maine legalizes same-sex marriage

May 6, 2009

At this rate, California might suddenly be the last to do so. 

(Just kidding. We all know Alabama will only be dragged kicking and screaming into rational humanity.)

(via CNN)

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  1. asty123 permalink

    Maine Gov. John Baldacci said gay-YES!
    Same-sex marriage became legal in Maine on Wednesday as Gov. John Baldacci signed a bill less than an hour after the state legislature approved it.
    Maine Gov. John Baldacci signed a bill Wednesday legalizing same-sex marriage.
    The survey’s sampling error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.
    See the actual video.

  2. Mississippi may actually be last despite the environment here. According to people around here, they feel Oxford is an anomaly in many, many ways to the rest of the state. (Seriously, the worst weather seems to always slip around Oxford instead of going through it. It is like this place partially exists in another plane of… well… existence.) As such, they believe the influence of Oxford on the rest of the state seems to be equal on the level of similarities they share with the state. Little to none. (Heck. It is a dry county here, but not a dry city. The county [and most of the rest of Mississippi] allows smoking everywhere regardless of state mandates, but Oxford does not in addition to state mandates.)

    I wonder if there is a way for a city that apparently exists outside of its state to enable gay marriages for itself. At the least, some city-wide recognition would be a nice compromise if not.

    It is too bad that polling (especially by CNN) is highly targeted, or else the article might be able to carry more weight with the majority. The majority does not trust CNN (not without reason, though).

    We will see if Maine voters overturn the bill.

    I am still curious what causes Ohio to be out of the running when its capitol has the highest per-capita homosexual population in the USA. (San Fran may have more, but CMH has a higher concentration spread all over itself and burbs.)

    I remember the one and only pride I attended, which was in CMH (which made me never go to another one). There was the Rainbow Flag flying in front of the capitol building. Not surprisingly, a few people actually got that flag down and burned it. Then some armed people came out of the building and put up a much larger rainbow flag and stood guard. The incident spawned legislation that passed stating only officially recognized flags or whatevs (Ohio state “flag” is not technically a flag; the only one like it among the states) could be flown on the capital’s poles. Next year, I heard the entire capital building was draped in gianormous Rainbow Flags instead.

    The presence and influence is definitely there, but apparently (like here), it is only there despite the rest of the state. (Like here,) I only knew life within CMH. (I cannot remember life on the Mississippi coast, much less much of the rest my childhood. SE seizures are funny that way.)

    • Marion Barry: “All hell is going to break loose. We may have a civil war. The black community is just adamant against this.”

      Big surprise. 😦 Are some people annoyed (or paranoid) that we can often hide our situation while they cannot? (Hispanic community is the same way.)

      And yet, the Right is divided in three ways about this issue instead of unified against it.

  3. downside up permalink

    so mike what do you think about people who are gay and christain???

    • dorkmanscott permalink

      Pretty much the same thing I think about people who are straight and Christian. Can you be more specific?

  4. downside up permalink

    ok… is it one of those things were if someone is gay then they really should be and atheist like if you want to be a dr. you need to be smart or do you think its better for the gay community to belive whatever the hell you want to belive in and its more of a thing were you see some one as another person in the church croud instead of just the special group of gay people which (at least i see) is diffrent.

    • dorkmanscott permalink

      The thing about being gay, and about being an atheist, is that there are no requirements to define yourself thusly other than the explicitly definitional.

      I.E., you can’t call yourself a homosexual if you are not attracted to the same sex, and you can’t call yourself an atheist if you believe a god exists.

      Besides that, you don’t “have to” believe anything to be part of the community. There are gay Republicans and gay Democrats and gay Christians and gay Jews and gay atheists, and there are Republican atheists and Democrat atheists and straight and gay…et cetera.

      I think it’s certainly better in the long run for gay people to be atheists, but then I believe the same thing about straight people.

      I believe that everyone has the right to believe whatever they want to believe — but, I think people should want to believe as many true and as few false things as possible, and I don’t think that people have the right to force others to live nonconsensually by beliefs that those others do not necessarily hold.

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