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Secular Sunday: Open-Mindedness

April 5, 2009

I had intended to do a CFAC post today. I honestly did. But this video on YouTube came to my attention and I thought it just had to get posted. It pertains to some recent conversations in the comment threads, and also sets the stage for (and even somewhat summarizes) my objections to Chapter 4. 

(via JREF)

  1. Lycanthropy is real. Women can turn to beasts based on the moon, and guys often turn into beasts when seeing a full moon (nekkid booty). 😛

    Joking aside, people also seem to understand the same words differently. (I know I do. We folks here in de South got sum kweer idears wi’ sum werds.) That can cause all manner of problems in communication and can bottleneck conversations from having to explain what each word means or, worse, from having to explain each generalization which can bloat statements needlessly. (I mean: Really? It is not obvious that most generalizations are just for the sake of streamlining?)

    It can be like trying to discuss something in different languages but only sounding like the same language.

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