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Iowa Legalizes Gay Marriage

April 3, 2009

California, you see this? Fucking Iowa is more progressive than we are.

Okay, that’s not entirely fair. Their state supreme court overturned a gay marriage ban, which is after all exactly what happened in Cali last May.

Still, a Prop 8 equivalent can’t pop up in Iowa until 2012 at the earliest. By that time, the gays will have been entering into committed relationships for more than three years without the state devolving into animal-raping child molesting polygamous anarchy. The arguments of the right-wing slime-peddlers won’t hold any water then, and the referendum has a good chance of being defeated. A validation by voters, in any state, that they want to allow same sex marriage will have a domino effect on the rest of the nation. 

And Cali folks, that should have been us last November.

Prop 8 passed because too many of us assumed that it didn’t have a chance in the 21st century, in one of the most liberal states in the union. I hope the lesson has been learned that hate and fear still dominate regardless of the date on the calendar. We need to know better next time, and be ready to get active in the fight for equality, both here in California, and everywhere else that people are finally working to put decency over dogma.

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  1. Hey. I’m a right-wing slime-peddler (I guess… depending on what slime is).

    This still needs escalation, though. Marriages recognized in one state and not in others causes some serious loopholes. It needs to have a Federal statement. I am a bit confused why this has not already started pounding on DC’s door since there have been a couple of cases where someone has tried to exploit that already. (Then again, the states involved made their own rulings before it could go any further. Those states probably are afraid that policies from the top will be different than theirs. Then again… again, I would not want the stigma from someone else trying to exploit the loopholes against their partner.)

    I still think the whole “we can use the str8 marriage fountain but you have to use the gay civil union fountain” in some states is BS. Separate is not equal. Saying someone cannot use a word other people use is censorship. If str8 Atheists can get married, then marriage is not a religious institution. (I have yet to see an argument against same-gender marriages that can survive examination.)

    Still, I wonder if part of the problem is the focus on the minor differences from both sides of the battlefield. Around here, I hear (paraphrasing) “We’re gay and you must accept our gayness” instead of “We are all the same and deserve the same.” The few saying the latter find more acceptance than the masses saying the former around here, and those masses stereotype the rest of us.

    Meh. I’m tired. I’m going home, and we’ll see what the weekend brings.

    And no. The lettering of Prop 8 does not annul the legal gay marriages made in CA. It just says that CA won’t recognize them (or such from any other state), but someone is trying to say Prop 8 means no other state can recognize those marriages. It does not cause a separate class of citizen among gays in CA by the lack of recognition since it applies across the board to all homosexual marriages (if one ignores the separate class created without regard to marriage by the existence of Prop 8 in CA).

    One thing someone may try is to take their currently legal homosexual marriage over to Iowa if it looks like they’ll make Prop 8 annul marriages in CA and get Iowa to legally recognize it. Maybe then, we can escalate it beyond the states if CA tries to annul the marriages.

    Wait. I was going home.

  2. Yeah I agree about federal statement “The Gamut” … same with the loophole of legalized weed in Cali but not in the federal government.

    • I am not sure that the comparison to something that with the de facto decriminalization in Amsterdam has experienced a rise to 41% of all criminal investigations in 2005 including an increase in “soft-drug” offenses since 2004 as well as increased the demand on their government for treatment of dependency by 12% between 2004 and 2005 alone (with ~5500 clients in 2005 which is well over twice the number ten years earlier) is the right way to promote this.

      This is also a battle of perception. I do not think gay=pot it the way to go.

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