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How does Star Wars end?

March 31, 2009

According to a recent study, that depends on how old you are. 

(That’s not precisely true — more accurately, it depends on whether you perceive “Star Wars” as referring to the series or just the original film, and that correlates to whether or not you were old enough to have seen the original film in its first release.)

Anecdotally, this holds up. When I heard the question, I immediately thought of the ending to Episode VI.

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  1. Ah, but old or young Anakin?

    Ewok song which actually matches the visuals properly or crappy new music from the remasters?

    These things matter.

  2. I prefer “Darth Vader gets burned” due to the ambiguity

  3. Jake permalink

    I swear, I think I’d be a little taken back if I actually heard someone say the ending to ROTS… A little sickening that we live in a world where Episode III concludes the Star Wars saga.

  4. I was old enough to see the first release in the theaters when it was just called Star Wars and Episode IV was not mentioned anywhere in the entire movie. I begrudgingly accept Lucas’ Episode 6 over Brackett and Kasdan’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back only because of the books following that rely on RotJ. Otherwise, Lucas is a terrible story-teller. (Even with retcons, he cannot keep it straight.)

    I’ll stop now.

  5. Ray permalink

    Star Wars ends with the Expanded Universe. Because IMHO, it takes that many writers and story arcs to clean up the mess of the prequels. =P

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