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Saturday Morning Watchmen

March 7, 2009

I am still planning to get a review up of Watchmen, which I saw on Thursday midnight, but since this is called “Saturday Morning Watchmen” I wanted to get it out on, or near to, Saturday morning. 

This really needs no introduction other than: if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, this isn’t going to be quite as funny. You’ll appreciate the throwback to the old DIC cartoons, but there’s a lot of irony going on that you won’t be able to appreciate without knowing what the events referred to really are. 

Without going into too much of my review of the film (though if you follow me on Twitter you’ve already heard the short version), this cartoon is kind of brilliant in showing how you can technically get the letter pretty much right, while simultaneously getting the spirit almost completely wrong. 

Although to be honest, I think this cartoon took more cleverness and subtlety, and a deeper understanding of the story, to get it “wrong,” than Snyder’s film took in getting it “right.” 

The one thing I’m disappointed about? It’s only the theme song/intro. By the time it was done I was totally ready to watch a full episode. 

Without further ado:

Saturday Morning Watchmen

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One Comment
  1. Ray permalink

    When it was rolling the credits I thought it WAS going to go into a full episode.

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