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WordPress like Burning!

February 14, 2009

If you’re reading this, that means you took my advice and bookmarked as the portal to my blog. Conglaturation! You have been successfully re-directed to the blog’s new home on WordPress. I decided to migrate the blog sooner rather than later. It came to my attention that WordPress has a “pages” function that will allow me to build a serviceable website without having to know HTML or pay someone who does. 

I have successfully imported all previous posts and comments, so the transition should be relatively seamless on that front. Although since it displays all the posts in line, I’m flogging the “Insert more” tool within an inch of its life, to keep the longer posts short on the main page. Previous posts are being edited to be shortened, and from now on I’ll default to dividing long posts that way. If you see a “Continue reading” link, you can assume it’s lengthy after the jump. 

The theme currently in use is just one of the WordPress defaults, unaltered. I will probably change or at least customize it, so the look and feel of the blog may be in flux for a little while, but I had to pick something for the launch.

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  1. Good luck with WordPress. Best bit of kit ever…


    Tim – Mumbrella

  2. Welcome to the WP family… it’s nice here. Cosy, simple, and provides no excuse for not updating.

  3. Ray permalink

    Melinda noted that your previous blog looked more like a standard WordPress theme than this one. lol

  4. What’s the significance of the green and blue thingy under “dorkman’s blog” at the top?

  5. dorkmanscott permalink

    There isn’t any, or at least not for me. It just came with the stylesheet.

  6. Oh. Thought maybe you liked green and blue, too. 😛

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