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January 15, 2009

I’ve gone a long time coasting by without the professional accoutrements — no website, no business cards, I haven’t even bothered to put my professional reel together until just recently (and still haven’t posted it online).

But no more! I’m working on getting my act together, and the first step is my registration of as my official site address.1 As of now, if you type that in, you will just be forwarded back here. But over time I hope to build it up to be more of a site with a portfolio and all that jazz.

It’s worth updating your bookmarks and/or muscle memory, as I may also shift the blog from Blogspot to WordPress at some point. Haven’t had major problems with Blogspot, but WordPress seems to be more customizable and have more reliable servers, both of which may matter if things start to pick up. If you get used to using the portal, then the switch from one to the other will be relatively seamless for you if/when it occurs.

  1. is being squatted on, is some country western singer, and is porn (NSFW!). Straight porn, no less.

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  1. TheGamut permalink

    LOL (re: other URLs)

    You need a nice, official-looking logo for DorkmanScott, now.

  2. Marina Martin permalink

    WordPress is definitely more flexible than Blogspot (especially if you roll your own instead of using … so definitely give it a shot!

  3. *_*Antoine*_* permalink

    I’m cool with blogger. Nice and simple.

  4. Rin permalink

    LOL on the straight porn site.

  5. Master Zap permalink

    FYI, is 404 for me….

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