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Thoughts on the new iPhone: Moore’s Law in Action

June 9, 2008

As we have been hearing and anticipating for the last six months (if not more), Apple has been developing and is finally ready to release their 3G iPhone, with GPS.

Last year I bought an 8GB, first-generation iPhone the day they were released. It cost me $599, although they later dropped the price and gave me $100 in Apple Buxx1 for being an early adopter. 8GB was as big as they came, and the EDGE network was sort of like dial-up speed-wise.

Today they announced their 16GB iPhone, with 3G (technically almost 3 times faster than EDGE, though we’ll see what happens when a half-billion iPhone users are all checking Twitter at the same time), true GPS (none of this cell-tower triangulation ghetto-ness), and a $299 price tag — as they say, twice the speed, twice the storage, half the price.

This follows perfectly with Moore’s Law and, as such, I’m perfectly sanguine with it. As a matter of fact I think this is a little faster — Moore’s Law, depending on the version, is either 18 months to two years — but the point is the same. I knew exactly what I was getting into when I bought the first gen iPhone. I knew that I was spending way more money than if I waited a year, for fewer features than if I waited a year.

But my iPhone has been so valuable to me over the last year, I would have made the same choice knowing what I know. The ability to load videos on the phone has been huge for me, both as a filmmaker and a film watcher. The touch screen was, as expected, a revelation, and the ability to check the web anywhere, at any time, has changed everything. Sure, it was slow, but it was available where it wasn’t before.

I would not part with my iPhone for the world, and with the new generation coming in at half the price, it feels more like a bonus than a slight. I was prepared to pay what I consider “full price” for it, and now I’m paying half that.

Keep it up, Apple. I’m happy with it as it is and it will only get better.

  1. That’s not really what they called it, but they should have. Fire your marketing, Apple. What have they done for YOU besides brought you back from the brink of obsolescence and bankruptcy to take back a significant share in both the professional and consumer computer and electronics markets? I said besides that.

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  1. Moey permalink

    I got mine in November. While that is plenty of time to enjoy it and not feel too bad about not waiting, I am slightly bitter that I got my macbook pro at the end of March (with educational discount). I was about 2 months shy of the free ipod rebate. Since my nano has conveniently hidden itself and i can’t use my sportkit with the phone, my bitterness is growing.

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