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Weezer Video: Pork and Beans

May 23, 2008

Okay, so you know that “music video from a prominent band” I mentioned?

As some of you have no doubt surmised, it was Weezer, for their single Pork and Beans. That is really us, but since it was shot in HD and then downscaled to YouTube I’ve been cut out of almost every shot.

Fun fact: they apparently wanted Star Wars Kid initially; when that didn’t pan out, they called us. Works for me!

We also managed to talk them into letting us do the lightsaber effects for the video ourselves, although ultimately I did all the lightsabers and Ryan did all the drumsticks (which they wanted in red and then changed).

That is *really* everyone it’s supposed to be. Doing the shoot was incredibly surreal given that we had all seen and enjoyed each others’ videos, and everyone there was incredibly cool and fun to talk to. (And yes, they’d all seen the South Park episode they were in.)We all exchanged e-mails, which may just turn out to be your high school yearbook “K.I.T.!!!” gesture, but hopefully not.

Anyway, we all had a great time and even though we’re not in there for much of it, we’re proud to be a part of it and we hope it gets a bazillion views.

  1. Daniel Broadway permalink

    Ha ha, that’s awesome. I’m glad they let you guys do the lightsaber effects.

  2. darthkittenlover permalink

    That’s supercool — I saw lightsabers in the video and went back to make sure it was you guys. Congrats!

  3. Moey permalink

    so i watched the video this morning at work with some co-workers and they got to hear me shout WTF! I totally saw you guys and then it hit me to look on your blog and comment about it. I did recognize you before I knew it was you.

  4. Hunter permalink

    congratulations, Dorkman. Saw the video today and immediately recognized the brand of saber fx and also the two dudes fighting. It’s a bit of a surreal moment even for me.

  5. Rin permalink

    Looks like it was a lot of fun. So friggin cool seeing all the cameos together too. Congrats guys!

  6. RhysFletcher permalink

    hehe, pretty cool music video. Loved all the little cameos, must have been awsome to be there meeting all those guys and gals. Congrats Dorkman.

  7. RobMoreau permalink

    so i guess i should read your blog before leaving comments on your myspace… oh well.

    Congrats on the video, i was wondering if you did the effects and now i know 🙂

  8. Brett permalink

    Can’t… get… Weezer… out… of… my… head….

    I just wanted to say thanks for posting another blog and pushing this one down a notch. Every day I checked here, every day I watched the Weezer video again. It’s great! It’s just permanently lodged in my head. Worse than Neil Diamond.

    So what all is in there? I saw…
    Ryan vs. Dorkman (of course)

    Evolution of Dance

    Miss Teen USA 2007 answering a question

    Daft Hands–Nw (among others)

    Daft Punk Girls

    Dramatic prairie dog

    The numa numa kid

    Nunchaku knockout

    Diet Coke and Mentos (among others)

    155 t shirts

    Leave Britney alone

    All Your Base

    Chocolate Rain

    Best Sex Ever

    Let’s get some shoes

    Will It Blend

    But there seemed to be so much more in it.

  9. Ivan Chan Studio permalink


    Love your work! Just posted RvD2 in my blog.

    Found your blog through a search–the video of Weezer isn’t loading anymore. 😦

    Take care,


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