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Blinding Light in Partnership with Wade Val’iant/One Inch Punch

May 4, 2008

So we’re not big enough to be making any headlines in Variety or Hollywood Reporter, but still, this is a big deal for us, and all our respective fanbases, so here’s a pseduo-press release.

As of today, Blinding Light Productions is officially in partnership with Wade Val’iant and One Inch Punch Productions for all future film projects.

Wade Val’iant and One Inch Punch are, respectively, the production companies of Ski-ter Jones and Anthony Alba, two gentlemen who do outstanding work, with the recently-mentioned Animus as a great example.

I’ve worked with a lot of folks1 in the nine years (god, nine years — time flew so I must be having fun) that I’ve been doing film and visual effects stuff. I’ve made friends with a number of them, made “call me if you’re working on something” connections with many, but prior to today the only person I’ve made the “if you’re on board, I’m on board” partnership with has been Ryan2. But working with Ski-ter and Anthony has changed that.

Filmmaking is like fighting a war (I still owe you folks a blog on that), and in war you want people you know have your back when the shit inevitably starts coming down around your ears. Until recently the only person I had that I knew could handle the battles with me was Ryan, but I know that I can trust Anthony and Ski-ter, because they’ve been doing it too.

As I said in my post on Animus, I was a fan of Anthony’s work before I met him, and I’ve become a fan of him since. He’s a great collaborator, very positive and passionate, and I click with him the way I click with Ryan. And similarly to the way Ryan and I work, where you get Anthony, you get Ski-ter, and I couldn’t be happier. Ski-ter brings an attitude that reminds me why I love doing what we do.

I’ve been crewing a concept shoot for their feature, and last weekend we shot a fight scene. It was outdoors, it was hot, it was tiring, it was miserable, and I couldn’t wait to do it again. There’s an energy you get when everyone’s moving in the same direction, with the same goals in mind, egos put aside and everyone focused on what’s best for the project. It’s the energy I get with Ryan, and it’s the energy I get with Ski-ter and Anthony. It’s a joy to work with all of them.

The last few weeks we’ve talked casually about the future, about us working together, but yesterday we sat down and officially discussed it. We all agreed that it seemed like a great idea, and now we are officially producing all each others’ projects.

I’m thrilled, proud, and honored to have them on our team, and to be welcomed as a part of theirs. If you’ve thought the stuff we’ve done to date has been good, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  1. Most of the industry has a habit of using the noun “cats” to refer to the general filmmaking populace — often with a subtle negative connotation. I’m still fighting the compulsion, but I have to admit that I almost did it just then.
  2. We do also essentially have this with Travis, but he’s in Texas so there’s an inherent degree of separation there where we can’t really do anything besides post work.

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  2. Rin permalink

    W00T! The group grows!!

  3. RhysFletcher permalink

    Congratz Dorkman. Good to see that the group is growing.

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