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February 26, 2008

A couple videos for you today, both on the same theme. The first, a TED Talk.

TED now has an iTunes feed, where every day they upload a new talk from their massive library of insightful discussions. I have talks running in the background as I work pretty much every day, and I’m skipping around to what sounds interesting.

Today I ran across this talk, a talk from TED 2005 by journalist Carl Honore.

This is an important topic, and was especially noteworth for me since I’ve got a bunch of things happening at once, and my attempts to do them all quickly and simultaneously makes it such that I get very few of them done at all.

I think a lot of us have things we want to get done or a place we feel like we need to be going. But this is all there is (depending on your spiritual persuasion, I guess, but that’s a topic that I will address in forthcoming posts), and we should enjoy it now and again.

The other video is a little stop-motion short film made by a dear friend of mine. The film was made for a “film festival” among our friends — i.e. everybody make a film if you want to and then we’ll screen them all at a party. It’s called “Going Postal”, and based on the title I expected…well, something quite different than what I got. But the visuals and the story have such heart and such humor, and the music is so perfectly chosen, that I found myself deeply moved by the video and am still moved every time I see it.

She disabled the embedding on the video, but click here to check it out on the YouTube page. It’ll be good to go directly to it anyway, so you can bookmark it for a gloomy day.

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