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Indian Thriller: Revisited

October 26, 2007

So in searching YouTube to get the embed link for yesterday’s post of the Indian Thriller, I stumbled across the edited version below, the “English Lyrics” version.

Now, understand that these are NOT the lyrics translated from the native language. Rather, the creator of this video listened to the video and wrote out what the lyrics SOUNDED like he was saying, if he were indeed speaking English words.

There were a few comments for the video itself to the effect that this is xenophobic, or racist. That this is somehow demeaning or mocking the Indian culture or language. If anyone’s going to be an asshole about it, let me point a few things out to you:

1) It’s the fucking Indian Thriller. If anyone’s mocking an alternate culture, it’s them mocking us in the first place. And does that piss me off? No. I thought it was funny. Turnabout is fair play.

2) Misheard lyrics are funny, no matter what the language is.

So, don’t approach this “remixed” video on a high horse. Just enjoy it.

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